This last week has had it all.


Hot, dry tinder days that you pray no-one starts a fire. Days where it’s nice just to sit in the shade and watch.


Stormy overcast days that bring big splotchy raindrops from the thunderstorms to cool the singed earth and revitalise. Rain, glorious rain – even when I was drenched wet to the core, I was smiling.


Happy mail days.


Cuteness wrapped up in a kitten’s fluffy joy.



Tastes of summer picked fresh from the vines with family.



One black eye inflicted by a goat (and gate) at 6;30am on a Sunday morning.


Cheese. cheese and more cheese. Relief from the heat and harshness of summer is found in strange places; like the peace and repetition of making hand made cheese.


It summer, there’s no doubt.

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