When words fail me…

Most times the words come easily. My thoughts and musings fall out of my pen and sprawl onto the page. I’ve kept a journal for over ten years now, and time and time again I find such calmness from letting the ink run deep across the empty brown paper pages.

But sometimes the words don’t come. I write the day, the date, the year and nothing more follows.
Or I come with a good idea, and strong emotion or needing to vent but poof – the moment passes.

That’s when I let the pictures speak. The world around me is such a fascinating place, and with my trusty phone camera in my pocket I can easily capture the little moments of life.
Better than a thousand words someone once said.

And it’s so true.




I don’t alway photograph to share. Or keep every one that I take. At times it’s to capture a fleeting moment of precious light or colour or movement. (Yes, I admit it; I love a good sunrise).  To marvel at nature bursting forth after rain, or capture the cute little goats running around. I often feel the need to catch memories of what I create with my own two hands – those brownies, the blanket, or knitted beanie.



Sometimes I click just to capture the ordinary moments – clean clothes stacked in sunshine, dirty dishes strewn across the kitchen after baking, my lunch on a plate before I shovel it in.



But the folders of shots sit here on my computer, ready for me to revisit as I need.
Instant inspiration, emotion, clarity and comfort.

There’s my happy place. Behind a lens. Eyes gazing out into a beautiful world.

An ordinary life, in moments.

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