OK, so it’s been a little quite here on the blog front lately….let me just say that its got nothing to do with life being at all quiet or mundane. In fact the opposite is true – living out dreams and aspirations and working through plenty of hard stuff too. But that’s all for another day….this post has been brewing for a couple of months now!

Even though we are eight thirteen fourteen weeks into 2013 I feel like I have only just re-surfaced after a busy 2012. Life changing stuff. Scary change-your-world-fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants-and-dream-big kinda stuff.


The Mayans’ predicted the end of the world in 2012; a little too literal for some people’s comforts? Yes, but I can’t be the only one who feels that in this last 12 months the has been a shift.

Less buzz factor for the bigger-better-shinier and more about quality and care.  More time, more laughs, more smiles, less stress.

It feels to me like I’ve just discovered a new portal opening, a little unfamiliar but inviting none-the-less. Intrigued by what lies around the corner I’m like Alice going down the rabbit hole, or Dorothy with Toto and her yellow bricks. Or something like that…

All I know is that I feel there’s evolution of our Earth going on – some of it whether we want or not.

It wasn’t rainbows and lolly pops all the time though.

With change came fear, an emotional state that either fortifies or paralyses. It sat there on the edge of my mind for some many months, juxtaposed nicely by a growing sense of time escaping, life slipping away and discontent.

So I jumped. Jumped from a life binding me to what I thought I needed, to where I wanted to be.

Here are some photos along the way.


January-Feburary: bright summer days, bountiful harvests, long lazy evenings and crochet colours



March-April: new beginnings, farm visits, pecan harvest and more crochet



April-May: coastal roadtrips, beaches, nature, and difficult lessons learnt



May-June: new farm adventures, cool crisp days, fireside feasts, autumn colour and fairies in the garden



June: farm adventures in all things animal and regenerative farming; new friends and new passions



July: winter descends on Taranaki Farm; embracing the farming lifestyle


Photos from Phone

August: Melbourne life at it’s best i.e. coffee, football, food and friends

Photos from Phone1

September: Berry farm time – springtime bliss, birthday adventures


Photos from Phone2

October: from berries to goats, a new beginning starts, crochet projects continue to grow!


Oct-Dec 2012

November: celebrating spring in full flight on the farm – cheese, goats, kids, cooking, crochet


Oct-Dec 20121

December: lazy summer evenings, heat waves, berry bounty and camping holiday adventures to Tasmania


I hope you’ve enjoyed my photos as much as I have compiling them! It’s such a great tool for reflection on all the ups and downs of twelve months, of how far I’ve really come….

For 2013, I vow to be more organised and do these collages month-by-month rather than in a mad flap at the end of the year!





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