2011 in Pictures

What does Christmas, Boxing Day and the holidays mean to you? How do you celebrate and farewell one year, at the same time marking the beginning of a new one?
Maybe time to catch up with friends and family for a few drinks…share presents and stories of the past 12 months, watch some fireworks or maybe just a quiet night on the couch with your favourite movie?
For me, it’s about reflecting on the ups and downs of a year passed – faster than the blink of an eye – muse over how close you came to achieving those lofty goals you made way back in January….

This time, I decided to do it in pictures.

Summer and Christmas rolled into one

Autumn in Canberra


Easter and some winter fun!

A visit to Adelaide, a flourishing early spring garden

San Francisco, north California
More Californian adventures

Autumn time take two…Yosemite and Vermont
Vermont, New Hampshire
Exploring New York

It really was a busy and challenging year. But when I look back through the photos I have, I can only be thankful of the great opportunities I was gifted. And be grateful that there always is a silver lining to the cloud. I may not have met all my goals for 2011, but I sure did have a great deal of fun along the way.

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