Getting lost in Midtown….

If you’re like me, you read up on the “must-do” things in a guide book before you even set foot in a city. But time and time again, I am reminded that the real stand-out moments are the ones we cannot forsee or plan. Cue, my adventures around Midtown on the way to Times Square and Broadway.

You probably sleep in a little, maybe wander to the nearest coffee/breakfast location.
Then, with your walking shoes on, you head down Park Ave. through Grand Central Station, past Waldorf-Astoria, and turn onto W49th St.

View down Park Ave. to Metlife Building @ Grand Central.

You stop and admire the view at Rockefeller Centre, window shop a little along Fifth Avenue (be sure not to get too laden with purchases along your way!)

Instead, perhaps you might take a turn on the ice-skating rink, or drop into the NBC studios at Rockefeller Plaza for tour.

Eventually you’ll turn and head west along Central Park South (maybe grab pretzel from the street vendors at Grand Army Plaza).

The Plaza, at Grand Army.

You leave Central Park behind as you wander downtown on Broadway – yes, by now you are truly lost in the midst of it all.

There you find a new dimension to your world: the brights lights, big city dazzle of Time Square.

So naive-looking by day.

More street vendors will pry their wares – all those nic-naks you never knew you wanted or needed.

Maybe you’ll do some more shopping, or stop for a bite to eat. 
Try resisting the “wall of colour”….

Peanut, almond, plain, even coconut and pretzel flavours!!

Or here for another dose of sugar!!

As the sun sets, sit awhile under the watchful eye of George M. Cohen (“the man who owned Broadway”) to soak in the sights and sounds; another day in New York done.

But the real heart’n’soul, the buzzing energy and dazzle is only really obvious when you venture there after dark.


Maybe you are satisfied just to walk the streets, surround yourself with the energy and excitement of Times Square. But if you are organised, or perhaps lucky enough you will go to a show. No-one should leave New York without experiencing the entertainment of a Broadway Show.
There will be queues to buy the tickets, queues to enter the venue, and of course a long wait for the loo during intermission. But remember some of the most memorable things happen when you don’t expect…like meeting some friendly folk in line, who give you some great tips for restaurants or coffee.
For me, there was no second thoughts about what I would see – I was off to see The Phantom of the Opera, which has been showing at The Majestic since 1988. Worth every queue of the day and each penny spent, and more…..

Maybe you’re fortunate enough to go backstage after the show, meet the artists and really feel part of the show. If not, you might find your very own spot to chill and have a drink in one of the many bars nearly.

Then you’ll stumble home, amazed that the same streets you saw this morning are transformed by the night-time vibe.

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